World lenses introduced by Snapchat

Snapchat announced earlier this week that it is introducing world lenses into its mobile application on both iOS and Android.

World lenses are the ability to superimpose 3d effects over real world photos on the rear facing camera on your smart phone. Before this announcement, digital effects in the form of masks and lenses could be added to your “snaps” by the front facing “selfie” cam.

This latest update now allows users to turn the lens on the outside world and add either 3d text or effects to their snaps. This is a big step forward into augmented reality for Snap occurring right as Facebook announce their latest foray into augmented reality at F8 yesterday with allowing open access to third party developers to their augmented reality platform (read more about everything announced at F8 here). Along with this it has been noted that Apple, Facebook and Google have been experimenting with augmented reality devices, mostly being delivered through headsets (for example Google Glass and the Oculus Rift). Snap’s approach is refreshingly simple, allowing users a quick simple version augmented reality on devices they they already own.

With the company having recently publicly listed on the stock exchange and announced its new Spectacles, it is hoped that this move will keep Snapchat ahead of their arch rivals Facebook. The social media giant’s Instagram stories service (which was only launched last Summer) surpassed Snapchat’s daily users earlier this week.

Check out some of the cool World Lenses introduced by Snapchat in the video above, including our personal favourite the rainbow!

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