Why We Love E-Sports and Gaming Live Streams

Live streaming is now second nature for gamer’s on almost every game platform. Amature’s and Pro’s can become global celebrities on social media and game streaming services by sharing their achievements, playing competitively and just chilling out with their viewers for a casual session. The reason many do it, beyond their bedroom live streams are glamorous world wide E-Sports competitions and lucrative product marketing opportunities. But these things do not come easy if you want to reach the top. After you have mastered the skill of a game, often with a team of equally skilled players, built a following online and a name brand, raised enough money through follower donations and sponsorship (travelling round the world and consuming that much Redbull is not cheap), you then might consider the step up to the big E-Sports events. It is a full time job for most, in fact 24/7 would be a more accurate description of the commitment required.

E-Sports often start at regional events and qualifiers, progress to knockout events with anywhere from hundreds up to arenas full of spectators, and at the very top invitational throwdowns and tournaments are televised globally. At that stage events need professional Video production and live streaming companies like us to produce the quality of live video event that draws blue chip sponsorship and global online audiences. We can supply the video services and crews necessary to achieve something special that your tens or even hundreds of thousands of online viewers will love.

There are also incredible mixed sponsorship opportunities for gaming, such as the pictured Marvel, Netflix and Two Angry Gamers combo for the launch of the Iron Fist series, or Razer Phone Launch for Three Mobile and Vain Glory game on Oxford Street, both of which we filmed and streamed with multiple vision mixed cameras and offered customised live graphics and AV combinations.

If you run an E-Sports event, represent a brand or agency looking to produce live streamed or experiential video in the gaming or e-sports space, we would love to help so please get in contact to discuss your ideas.









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