Facebook’s New Option For Watch Parties

A new Watch Party option is being added to Facebook in a bid to own all the conversation and engagement across social media, it wants to be the only platform people turn to when discussing anything and everything with friends, family and strangers. 

Now I was always brought up not to speak with strangers but the rational behind Watch Party’s new option is to compete with Twitter when people want to discuss sporting events, TV, major news events etc. At the moment Twitter is the daddy when It comes to social media discussion, recent studies show that up 60% of regular TV viewers share their opinions via a tweet. For example If you follow Ricky Gervais on Twitter then you will see all of the comments about his superb Netflix show AfterLife, if you haven’t watched it make sure you do. Well the long and the short of it is Facebook want you to do it on their platform and nowhere else. 

The new Watch Party option is a fairly simple to use, Facebook users are able to host these ‘Watch Parties’ for their friends and connections which will allow them to interact amongst themselves about the particular event in a dedicated chat room, much like you would do on a Facebook Live video. Facebook plan to expand the Watch Party feature to allow real time interactive options, including the admins of the parties to add trivia questions or fun facts as well as running live polls during the broadcast.  The new option will now allow users to see the option “on TV” when they start a Watch Party event. 

The original Watch Party feature was in its infancy last year and since then Facebook has said that it has facilitated 12 million Watch Parties within groups alone, not bad eh? They have also mentioned that Watch Parties gain 8x more comments than your usual videos in groups, in any case the new option is being tested in selected groups during live sporting events so keep an eye out. 

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