Instagram & Snapchat’s Voter Participation Tools For US Mid Terms

Both Instagram and Snapchat are implementing new voter participation tools in preparation for the highly anticipated US Mid Term elections. As you are probably aware the elections take place half way through every presidents term (hence Mid Terms) and due to the somewhat controversial first stint of President Trump there has been a real push to get the younger generation of voters to get out and cast there vote. This is exactly where the likes of Instagram & Snapchat can prove pivotal.

First of all Instagram is adding new stickers which will enable its members to share to their followers if they have exercised their democratic right of voting. These new stickers will be as simple as “I Voted” and Instagram are even introducing a Spanish version as “Yo Vote” will be available as well. A very clever aspect of these stickers is that you can tap on your friends stickers to find where they voted so if you are in the same neighbourhood you can find out if you didn’t already know where the best place to vote is. The most intriguing aspect of the new stickers is on Election Day, which incidentally is today, Instagram users will see a “We Voted” story at the front of their stories when their friends have done the same. This is the start of something new for Instagram as it provides a way for you to share moment together in stories. 

Snapchat are also jumping on the bandwagon of Election Day stickers and lenses again in a bid to increase the younger generation to vote which could sway the elections one way or another. Snapchat are also will send a video to all 18+ members to vote as well as adding where the closet polling station is to its users to Snap Map. To give a bit of background to these new tools Snapchat has more than 400,000, members registered to vote and the majority of these were in the 18-24 demographic, an age group which has long been seen to forgo the Mid Terms.

As you can see there is been a conscious effort from both platforms in trying to get the younger generation to vote. What remains to be seen is whether social media is considered a real influence in the elections. Facebook received bad press for their role in the 2016 Presidential Election but it is difficult to day just how significant that influence has been. You can be sure that there will be a close eye on post election analysis of social media and it will intriguing to see if these new tools have a real sway on President Trump’s next two years in office. 

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