Recent Updates From the Social Media World

There have been a plethora of updates across the social media world over the last week or so with each of the platforms trying to gain an advantage over their competitors so lets take a look and see what has been happening.

True to form lets start with Facebook as they have expanded their breaking news tags and local news to more regions making a particular effort to share community updates. A couple of months ago Facebook had trialled the feature for 100 news publishers across North & Latin America as well as Europe & India. It has proven to be a success so much so that the breaking news feature will be a permanent feature for all users in Australia, France, Mexico, Spain & the UK. Continuing with the theme of news Facebook has also expanded its “Today In” feature which will keep the populace abreast of local news with ten Australian cities receiving the feature. This is the first expansion outside the US so it looks like in the UK we shall have to stick with the BBC website or a good old fashioned newspaper for the foreseeable future!

Instagram have reeled out a new update as well with a new option to share IGTV content in stories. Now it must be said that IGTV has not been the slam dunk that Instagram envisaged nevertheless the platform is keen on pushing their brainchild utilising Facebooks size enabling sharing of IGTV content easier resulting in promotion through their existing channels. IGTV is an odd one as it is neither a true video platform such as Youtube but it is more than the short clips Instagram already has, will it take off like Mark Zuckerberg wants? That remains to be seen.

Twitter is continuing on their purge of trolls, bots and keyboard warriors by updating its tweet reporting options and this will now allow its members to provide more details on the specific subject at hand. Users are now also able to report malicious links, tweets and misuse of hashtags whilst trying to tap into trends, a particular bug bare for most users. This new update is all part of Twitter’s campaign to clean up its act with the platform facing criticism for its lack of action on this front, it must be said however that over the last year there has been a conscious effort to do so. With the US Mid-Term elections around the corner the new update I am sure will be used to its full capacity. 

There you have it plenty going on across the social media world and you can bet there will be plenty more to come!

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