Twitter’s New Bid To Increase Engagement

Twitter is experimenting two new layouts to help increase engagement on the platform and albeit they are far from the finished article it shows what the platform could be looking like in the not too distant future.

What they have created with these mock experiments are as follows:

  1. To make it easier to see who has replied to a specific tweet chains they have created with threaded responses.
  2. They have created colour coding for the original tweeter and yourself with the ability to highlight key replies. The coding will consist of purple for the original post and blue for you.
  3. Finally following on from the idea of colour coding there will be green dots on profile images implemented when a user is online in the hope to spark more active engagement.

As mentioned above these updates are far from being set in stone however Sara Haider, Twitter’s product manager, has asked for feedback from the Twitter world regarding these updates so it evidently shows there is a real consciousness to increase engagement on the platform. From the initial feedback it seems the green dot showing when an individual is active seems to be the most popular of the updates, as knowing when someone is online when you wanted to reply to a tweet you would feel there is more chance of engagement.

Finally carrying on with Twitter news, Buffer, which is a software app which helps manage accounts on social media, has conducted an experiment in which they retweeted some of their own tweets to see if engagement was boosted. The results from the experiment revealed that “retweeted tweets received 122% more impressions, 87% more engagements, and 90% more link clicks. The three tweets with video also had an average boost of video views by 92%”. Buffer highlighted that they only retweet their best performing tweets so the results are unlikely to be repeated for every tweet but it may be worth considering the strategy.

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