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Twitter’s Potential Editing Tool

Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has fuelled speculation that Twitter may be introducing the long requested editing tool on the platform. At a function in India last week he was asked, not for the first time, whether the function will ever be implemented and once again he has increased speculation that the feature may indeed come in fruition albeit doing well not giving a direct answer. 

What had been discussed previously was the idea of a 5 minute window, once a member has posted a tweet they have a small chance to edit the content of their tweet without having to delete it. Now on the face of it this seems like a good idea, one only has to spend 30 seconds on the platform before seeing tweets that you suspect people regret posting, having said this due to the character limit for tweets it does not seem to much of a hardship to delete a previous tweet and start from scratch. 

The last time Jack Dorsey had mentioned the idea of an editing tool was back in 2016 when AirBnB’s Brian Chesky brought up the subject when Dorsey had asked for ideas on how to improve Twitter in general. The editing tool was one of the top requests at the time and is still very much at the forefront of peoples minds not being helped by Dorsey raising the subject again. Will the feature ever come into being?  That remains to be seen but due to Twitter’s current problem with bots and scammers acquiring verified accounts one can understand the apprehension of introducing a feature where tweets can be manipulated if not deleted.

Finally on the subject of Twitter bots, the platform has had another purge on suspicious users following their first attempt back in July with Twitter themselves losing 2.4 million followers in their most recent cull. The recent cleanse highlights the problem that Twitter face on a daily basis. With their last purge only 6 months ago you can argue that this does not reflect well on them even though you can clearly see they are trying their best to clean up the platform. 

The likelihood of an editing feature coming into being this year is minimal but as you can see it is still at the forefront of the CEO’s mind. It appears though the most prominent problem which is garnering Twitter’s attention is the ongoing battle in cleaning up their platform and removal of spam users. 

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