Periscope may shortly be capable of identifying what is happening in Twitter with some nifty tech called Cortex. Cortex explains itself “as a team of designers, information scientists, and machine-learning experts devoted to developing and unifying an illustration of all of the customers and information on Twitter, to assist make a product which individuals can readily locate new activity to share and take part in”
The team first demonstrated its ‘live stream scanning system’ to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Review, where it scanned and classified two dozen streams simultaneously. To attain this, Twitter has assembled a proprietary computer made completely of GPUs, which then nourishes its results in a learning algorithm.

What can be gleaned from the scan algorithm is intended for ‘in program search’. If Cortex and Periscope triumph, the user will have key information, including type of stream and geo location of the stream.
Following the test a Twitter representative said “Periscope continues to work with the Cortex team and is experimenting with ways for Twitter to classify and determine content in live broadcasts. The team is concentrated on matching a sophisticated technology with an editorial strategy to supply a smooth discovery encounter on Periscope. Discovery is the feature that is significant here, but the flipside will be filtering content that broken the guidelines of Periscope”

This is important as it can protect periscope and users alike from misuse. You can protect live events and copyright being broken ie, if you had been illegally live streaming or webcasting a pay per view event or showing content that is NSFW, scanning will help Periscope shut down it mechanically. Lately, dark Periscope continues to be in the news, with suicide and rape taking center stage. With a scan algorithm that is robust, Periscope could sideline problems before a high viewer number was exposed to them.
For Karma being able to protect our pay per view customers from loosing revenue from a live streamed event is of key priority and Cortex looks to be a valuable tool once it is released