In the present day, it’s not uncommon to see a drone flying over an area, especially during a celebration or a wedding. This is the future of filmmaking!

Drones are quickly changing the way of making movies, allowing new forms of shooting and giving the possibility to create spectacular images for the screen. They could be mistaken for toys, but some of them are sophisticated technology: some of them can reach high speeds and incredible heights. Thanks to the two “eyes” in some models it allows them to create a 3D map of what they have in front of them. The even newer models on sale are also able to locate an obstacle while they’re flying; they’ve got other interesting functions, like the autopilot and the possibility to see footage in real-time and first person through a tablet or a Smartphone connected to the drone’s controller or through a WiFi/Bluetooth.

London is at the forefront of the new technologies of filming: the first ever Drones Film Festival will take place at the Institute of Contemporary Art on the 23rd of May.

A competition will be divided in 8 categories: still photography, technical, extreme sports, landscape & architecture, narrative, showreel, selfie, special.

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