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In our blog we take a look at our most interesting live streaming, video production and camera crew experiences . Check back for the latest stories or follow our social media for links to new posts.

Social Media Statistics

Social media usage statistics - It may come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the human race is spending more time on social media than ever before, you only have to look on public transport on your morning commute to see the vast majority of people buried in...

Facebook TV

Facebook working on a TV connected streaming & video call device - As I am sure you are all aware video consumption is on the rise, particularly on mobile devices whether it be your tablet or your phone which is the size of your tablet. Well despite this increase,...

Facebook Revenue

Usage and Revenue on the rise - Despite the recent fine of a cool $5 billion Facebook has posted recent figures which show that Q2 has been somewhat a success and have received $16 billion in revenue, not only this but there has been another increase in active users....

Instagram Removing Likes

Social media round up - In a bid to increase well being across social media Instagram has decided to remove like counts on the platform. The areas that have seen this latest update range from Ireland to the land down under. The reasoning behind this as stated by...

Twitter Updates

Twitter Updates Search Results To Add More Info - You may have noticed a bit of a change in your search results on Twitter recently and that is because Twitter has released a new update which provides more information when you are looking up something. The additional...

YouTube Testing AI

Social media round up - YouTube particularly over the last year or so has faced on going criticism over how it has facilitated extreme movements and communities, well it seems the time has come for YouTube to be proactive and is testing a new feature where all the...

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