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In our blog we take a look at our most interesting live streaming, video production and camera crew experiences . Check back for the latest stories or follow our social media for links to new posts.

Social media round up

Social media round up - April was a big month across social media platforms particularly for Facebook & Instagram however they were not the only platforms which introduced new updates with some intriguing changes across other networks, without further delay lets...

5th to the 11th May

The last seven days - This week at Karma we’ve been football centric, filming at West Ham and Chelsea’s training grounds. We also had the opportunity to film The Horrors at the Royal Albert Hall with our 360° cameras. Our editors have been busy withlots of editing for...

Roborace filming

We do love our Motorsport here at Karma and we’ve been lucky enough to spend the last few days in the blistering heat of Spain filming some.But this was Motorsport unlike any other, this was Roborace, the world’s first series for AI, Self-Driving, electric race cars....

The last seven days

Following on from last week’s London marathon, Karma has kept their sporting hat on with badminton horse trials, rugby and football.  It wasn’t all sports though; this week also included a fair bit of future tech projects including projection mapping in Bognor Regis...

Thoughts on Teamwork

We see team working as an art here at Karma. Our team, a collection of creatives that focus in a range of different roles, depend on each other to keep our business thriving. Brimmed to the top of professionals from artistic to mathematical backgrounds, we have...

Life Hacks

The creative industry comes with its varying challenges. Here are some life hacks to help get through them: Eye strain – sitting in an editing suite or standing behind a camera for hours on end means eye strain is common. Try the 20-20-20 rule; look at something 20ft...

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