Karma were commissioned by the creative agencies PUP and More Creative to film and edit 4 online commercials for the bar chain Revolution. The brief was simple!  Create 4 films, (in super slow motion) showing an interesting visualisation of 4 of their new cocktails being mixed. So armed with the specialist super slow motion camera the Photron and our ever faithful RED Epic, we cast 6 Actors and threw vast amounts of fruit, water, honey and glitter at them. Bingo!

This was our first shoot onsite at our new home at Twickenham Film Studios. We opted for Studio Two and built a custom tray to catch all the liquid and mess that inevitably would be thrown around.

Day One

We shot the majority of the content for all 4 films primarily on the RED Epic, shooting all the slow motion at 240fps. This day enabled us to comp together rough edits on set to preview to the client.

Day Two

This was when we brought the Photron to the party, this amazing super slow motion camera can shoot slow motion at up to 12500 frames per second, Although we opted for a paltry 500, 1000 and 1500 fps

All the post production was done in the Adobe CC, and we used After Effects to process the vast amounts of tiff files the Photron camera generated and the main edit was created in Premiere Pro.

And here are the final extended edits

Super Slow Motion Video

Have a look at the behind the scenes video of our Super Slow Motion day!


Have a look at some of the shots not used in the final versions here.