Some can be dubious of the merits of ENG cameras on their sleek and stylish movie counterparts, like 8K F65 Cine Alta or Arri Alexa, plus they would not be entirely wrong. While ENG cameras have for ages been pigeonholed for their clumsy design and weight, much of network TV depends upon their versatility as live sports coverage abilities. The difference in design strategy between cameras for movie and broadcast has not been more present, however the abilities are strikingly similar. In several way, a rising tide lifts all ships. With top flight camera companies like Canon and Sony leading the race, the edges of possibility in camera function continue expanding, permitting the impassioned storyteller to bring their production to the next level.

Understandably, the output of Sony HDC 4800 must excite everyone. Sony is taking the success of the 4300 and stunning the video production community once more. The expected August 2016 issue of 4800 speaks for Sony’s assurance that the extremely high frame rate of 480 FPS with 4K abilities isn’t just preferable, but required to remain aggressive in the globe of live coverage, such as live sports coverage. This camera can do a lot of everything, very high frame rate, very high resolution, and it works seamlessly within Sony’s current HDC family to give users a familiar yet powerful and new production tool, said Rob Willox, marketing manager for content creation, Sony Electronics.

That is the future of live production, designed to fulfill the storytelling facet of modern sports production. These specs matter. As networks start use a high frame rate 4K able cameras similar to this one, there’ll simply no room for anything less than the standard. In some way, ENG cameras set the average viewer’s standard for what quality must be and how a general public must enjoy production. Expect Sony HDC-4800, to stir things up. Sony has kept quiet on pricing for the time being. We’ll keep you updated!