Updates Across Social Media

There have been plenty of social media updates over the last week or so with Facebook, Instagram & Youtube all unveiling new aspects to their products so without further delay lets dive in and see what has been going on. 

Starting with Youtube and taking a page out of Instagram’s book they have introduced a Stories feature, which as we know is a key aspect of Instagram. The new feature as you can imagine very similar to the aforementioned platform with some slight differences. The videos themselves will feature at the top of the app showing the latest content from the influencers you follow and unlike Instagram the videos will last up to a week unlike the usual 24 hours. Before you get too excited though the feature does have a caveat, it is only going to be made available for influencers who have 10,000 + subscribers, at least for the immediate future. 

Moving onto Facebook and they are testing ‘Keyword Alerts’ for groups, which would allow administrators of the groups to keep abreast relevant discussions within the specific group. If this were to come into full effect then it would prove very useful for businesses who want to stay in touch with customers and any opportunities that arise especially within groups with a large amount of followers. Another positive for the potential feature is that it would provide an avenue for social monitoring, which would be even more relevant as Facebook is putting a greater emphasis on interactions within groups. 

Instagram has released a new aspect to the ever popular Stories feature which will allow its users to restrict the audience for their Stories content. The idea behind this is that it would hopefully encourage users to regularly share quick updates without having to worry about the wider world viewing their personal content. The new update enables its members to create specific groups of friends which they can safely share their Stories with. This is especially relevant as it has been noted by Instagram that private sharing has been on the rise, a recent report has revealed that 85% of messages shared are distributed between the same three friends. 

So there we have it, plenty going on and be sure that despite the festive period fast approaching there will be more to talk about in the run up to Christmas. 

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