Snapchat Change draws Petition from Users and Influencers

Snapchat is often considered a poor cousin to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because of the lower volume of users and lack of live streaming functions, bar a special Winter Olympics only live feed. However their users are avidly devoted to their chosen platform and have made their voice known to the owners of the app this week following a major update and structure change.

Becoming an influencer is the goal of many Snapchat users, and having your content rub social shoulders with the celebrities and brand endorsed makes that goal feel all the more achievable. For influencers and brands having content running along side normal users also makes it feel less forced. Last week however Snapchat launched an update that pushed these two groups further apart and changed the way snaps are organised. Perhaps it was a reaction to Instagram replicating their stories feature, and staying still is never a good idea in the app market. However it appears in trying to give a less mainstream commercialised experience to their main body of users they have misjudged their market. The way content is now delivered has also become confusing to many with a lack of chronological order being the main complaint.

Users from both ends of the spectrum have signed petitions to reverse the change, and currently a petition started by Nic Rumsey has over a million signatures. Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel has said “While we are still very early in the rollout, we are optimistic about the potential to unlock additional growth with the redesign of our application,”  also stating that it will not be rolled back.

Will this impact on the number of users devoted to Snapchat?

Until the live streaming features become availabel on Snapchat, why not speak to our team about Social Media Video Production and Branded Content films.

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