Snap Spectacles available outside of the USA

Snap Inc’s wearable tech, Spectacles, are now available outside of the USA for the first time. These glasses are available from the the same vending machines which sold them in the US, with the Snapbot map revealing the location of them at the start of each day.

The Spectacles are designed to mimic the human field of vision. Videos filmed from the spectacles give the viewer the point of view of the wearer and can be used both horizontally and vertically, taking advantage of the circular lenses on the Spectacles.

These spectacles have proved a hit so far with brands and social influencers. In fact they were even used by L’oreal in January to film the red carpet at the Golden Globes. It featured limo camera, red carpet live build up, table cam (showing viewers a unique perspective of the event) as well as behind the scenes at the Golden Globes. L’oréal Paris are no stranger to snapchat, becoming the first beauty brand to run a snapchat lense campaign with their filter which applies make up to the users own face.

An interesting move by Snap inc, with Europe being it’s second biggest market after the USA who could blame them. Snap Inc. makes money by selling third parties advertisements on its platform, either through the use of its Discover service or mid-roll ads featuring throughout Snapchat users stories.

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