Specialist Filming

From Anywhere to Everywhere
Our CAA approved drone pilots allow us to provide breathtaking drone filming. We have every angle covered with steadicam, cranes, fixed rig minicams and remote heads, all in house, beautifully maintained and prepped before it leaves our base. Karma really does care.

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Specialist Filming

We have been producing and filming for a long time so when it is something a bit out of the ordinary, we are the first call for brands and broadcasters alike. We love a challenge and always find a way to deliver the idea. Our DOP’s really know their stuff. We are happy to share the knowledge we have built up over many years so if you have any questions on filming anything a little out of the ordinary, we are here to help.

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Drone Filming

Drone filming has become a staple part of the production process, what is unfortunately still rare in the industry is the drone licensing and drone flight regulatory knowledge that makes your production safe and legal. Fortuntely we have you covered and can help to plan your next drone shoot to make sure you get the most out of it.

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Specialist Camera Work

It isn’t just drone filming we offer!, we shoot green screen on every scale, from a talking head to full sized 1000ft stages. We film slow motion on Red Epic, Phantom and Photron, this gives us the ability to film up to 3500 fps. We film in cars, in planes, in helicopters, on boats, under the water. Pretty much anywhere you can get a camera, we can make it work.

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