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Live streaming company for webcasting on platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch offering unlimited social reach and live Interaction with your audience. As a live streaming company, Karma makes streaming sport, fashion, red carpets, music performances and brand launches simple.

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Live Streaming Services

Social Streaming

Karma are trusted by brands and broadcasters to deliver social streaming - We really can stream anything everywhere. We stream your content to tablets, smart phones, TVs and computers running Apple iOS, Android, Windows and pretty much anything that can deliver live streamed video content to your audience. Read more information about Social streaming platforms below.

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Facebook Live

Facebook streaming puts your live event or product launch onto the screens and devices of your dedicated followers. Your social producers can Interact as they share, like and comment on your live content.

Multi camera sources, live mixed by professional directors and operators will give your event incredible impact. During and after the event we can edit social cuts and produce polished media packages to make your investment go further.

YouTube Live Digital Broadcasting

YouTube live has the largest dedicated video audience in the world. Live streaming your event on YouTube offers cross platform compatibility, increasing your reach beyond your networks.

Live global streaming and your brand demand the highest production values. With co-operative pre production planning, our professional crew will capture your event for live and post event production.

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Twitter Live

Twitter and Periscope are the immediate social network for viral content. Now with the Twitter Live button it is a key live streaming platform. Your brand may have thousands or even millions of followers, a live alert will grab their attention, a live video on their feed will keep them engaged with your brand.

Twitter and Periscope can be fed directly or via YouTube, so there are no limitations to what you can share with your followers. Allow our creative team to develop your ideas into a professional live video production with social cuts and packaged content for continued reach.

Instagram Live

Instagram is now the leading social platform for picture sharing. It fills social influencers feeds with stylised imagery across the world. Instagram is available on all mobile devices and now has a desktop app for Windows 10. Live video on instagram is the newest development from the Facebook owned platform, and although currently the video can only be provided by mobile device cameras, the professional camera feed isn't far away.

We consider it to be the ideal campaign builder, streaming short message videos, exclusive backstage peeks and sponsored content to drive viewers to the main social streaming event and reinforce brand messages.

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Twitch is the community driven social streaming platform for gamers. Every Playstation, Xbox, PC and modern gaming console has the ability to live stream their gameplay to a network of millions of other gamers. Viewers come for tips, chat, and to watch in awe as their high score is dwarfed by friends and legends.

If the gamer demographic is your target audience, Karma has the ability to help you reach them. The platform boasts over 100 million unique viewers, with over half of all users watching 20 hours of content a week.

Live Production

As a live streaming company, and with Karma's background in delivering broadcast content for the biggest sporting, entertainment and brand events in the world, you know you are in safe hands with our live event streaming and live production services. Whatever the event from global popstar performances to county cricket, we can film and stream the most professional looking content and deliver the most addded value service in the industry. Our live portable production units marry the latest streaming encoder hardware with the video production kit you expect on full scale broadcast productions. With Karma, live event streaming and live production are considered one and the same.

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Live Event Streaming

Live Events can be months or even years in the planning. Whether it is entertainment, business or community, as a live streaming company we can add value and future marketing opportunities by capturing the live performance, action, keynotes and forums.

We offer live and post-production for single and multi camera coverage. Our PPUs and OB vehicles feed global streams or venue screens. Our experienced crew plan the event with you to capture every important moment, and our editing team can deliver video packages for distribution.

Live Conferences and Remote Meetings

When your business holds a meeting or conference, one of the biggest challenges is getting attendees to the venue. There are massive cost and logistical limitations but there is a solution. With our live production experience, we can stream interactive coverage privately or publicly to the web and even within your venue.

As an example, we have live streamed pay per view keynote speeches from global business leaders and presented live AGM meetings to private networks with our custom built interactive Q and A platform. With our New York and London offices, transatlantic and global meetings can be streamed to all of your company locations around the world.

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Content Delivery

Our live streaming content delivery network or CDN, has cross platform compatibility and scaleable deployment. Your target audience are viewing content on many platforms and social networks, we can deliver to all of them simultaneously. As a live streaming company we customise our CDN applications for each job to ensure smooth streaming, fast encoding and scalable costs.

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Your Website, Microsites and PPV

Streaming isn’t always about astronomical viewing numbers, it can be about targeted pay per view events for business or specialist interests. By controlling access on your chosen video platform or a microsite built by us, your premium event stream can offer profitable scalability.

To be considered premium content you need top level production values and a reliable streaming provider. We can supply the creative skills and equipment that add value before, during and after the event.

CDN – Any Content, Anywhere

Our live streaming content delivery network has cross platform compatibility for Tablets, Smart Phones, TVs and computers running Apple iOS, Android, Windows and pretty much anything else that can deliver streaming video content to your audience.

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Custom Players

Custom coded video players open new opportunities for your live streams. Our in house video platform can be adjusted and designed to fit your production, giving you the flexibility to expand and control the viewer interaction. By combining our player with your existing brand website, campaigns and call to action, you can benefit from search engine optimisation on your website, rather than just a social network page.

Streaming Overview

Live streaming and webcasting has come a long way and through clever website integration our developers can integrate the stream or webcast into your current website or build you video optimised Branded Microsites. As an experience live streaming company we can also control the lead up to event, integrate it into a campaign and most importantly, deliver Lead Generation with statistic tracking, so you know who the audience is. The demand for live content from your brands and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Twitch has never been higher, and streaming technology and distribution has become cost effective and reliable in our capable hands.

Corporate Communications are a valuable service to companies who want to securely communicate a message or event. This can be webcasting or streaming internally, with clients or partners or even public facing. We can even add the participatory factor of social media within a private closed webcast network.

Webcasting and Live Video streaming need to be secure and we specialise in DRM (Digital Rights Management) so your content is secure. Video can also be monetised through Pay Per View (PPV) and advertising, whether it is streamed or hosted.

Making sure your streaming event stays live is something that is often overlooked. Depending how important it is for you to ensure everyone gets to see your webcast, as a live streaming company we can apply broadcast redundancy and use multiple paths out, so if the internet goes down at the venue, your video feed doesn’t have to.

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