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Help Musician’s “One voice”


Help Musicians, which supports the UK’s musicians, who, during the COVID-19 pandemic  have all but lost every opportunity to survive and their lives have been impacted most severely. Music is such an important part for all of society and without it our lives would change even more. This appeal film made for the charity highlights their plight.

The Project

Appeal Film

Perhaps the most important and helpful project, which began at the end of 2020 and is continuing into 2021, is our work with the charity Help Musicians.

Karma were able to produce various videos to support the charity and the musicians, filming some ongoing stand-alone feature videos, under strict CV19 protocols, with individual members around the country as well as coordinating, overseeing and editing the end of year message “One Voice”.

With another lockdown affecting the opportunity to film each contributor and with Christmas fast approaching, Karma created guidelines to help each of the individuals to film their own story and arranged for all the rushes to be sent to us via a file transfer system with specific running order instructions, so we could create a layered film in post-production which tells their combined story and highlights their situation and the help they have received. Karma managed to achieve this in under a week, including some last-minute celebrity additions. The whole project highlights the theme of One Voice and is a reflection of how new beginnings have become a part of all of our lives now.

Help Musician's Appeal Film

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