To all of our friends, old and new. The spread of COVID-19 is affecting us all and we are all in this together.

We usually make entertainment focused content but we are helping anyone who needs to get a message out, to stream events where people can’t attend. From school lessons and church services to public and corporate comms.

If you need any help or advice, remember our advice is free and we will help where we can.

Live streaming and outside broadcast

Christie’s live auctions 

Christie’s are the premier auction house in London with regular sales of artwork taking hundreds of millions of pounds. The high profile of some of these pieces of work and exciting auction process makes this ideal Facebook Live content. We are very proud to supply a multi camera portable production unit and camera crew for these auctions. We operate and direct fixed, PTZ and manned cameras throughout the sales as well as mixing live graphics of estimated values and VT’s explaining the art on auction. Our recent introduction of Gavel cam gives a unique experience for the thousands of live stream viewers. 

Karma's work

Christie's live auctions

In addition to the live streamed auctions we also film live tours of the key pieces of work ahead of the sale and broadcast them to garner interest. For example the recent George Michel Art Collection auction featured an Instagram live tour with Nick Grimshaw. The presale exhibitions are often the only time in decades that certain pieces are seen outside of private collections, so it is great that Christie’s open their doors to the public in order to view important works before they disappear again.

If you are planning a live event and want to video, live stream or broadcast it, please call our production team for a quote and helpful, friendly advice.

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