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Call Me Loop Music Video


Call Me Loop is a rising uk popstar with a cheeky and irreverant attitutude to lyrics, videos and celebrity culture. When we wre easked to film and edit her latest video, little did we realise some of Karma’s own crew would make the final cut.

Karma’s work

Although the setup for the “Silly Boy” video was relatively simple, pulling off simple well can often be more of a challenge. Shot on the stages here at our Twickenham Studios home, the video for “Silly Boy” followed the same bright colour pallete of previous videos, but went beyond the boundaries of the green screen and the production equipment, even the crew made it in to the final cut.

Everything including outtakes were fair game in the edit at Karma. With a careful eye on budget and a super quick trnaround required, making this music was a great challenge.

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