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Live streaming, event filming and Fashion video production

A-Cold-Wall SS20 Live

Karma were back at the Printworks once again to film and live stream A-Cold-Wall’s SS20 Installation This was our third time collaborating with the label on a key fashion show.

Karma’s work

Fashion show live stream and video production

The print works is an enormous ex industrial venue which hosts nightclubs, gigs and experiential events. It gave the perfect textured backdrop to A-C-W’s technical urban aesthetic and incredibe soundscape and lighting design. With the labels attention to detail, Karma’s video production crew were able to give live stream viewers from over 50 countries an emmersive experience that made the clothes and models the focus of the day.

Camera’s and crew

We deployed four traditional cameras including the newly dubbed giraffe cam for height, and one steadycam operator who tracked the walks accross the factory floor. With our own live director Simon Livingstone and a small technical crew including a technical manager, sound recordist and streaming engineer, we produced a high end fashion look with a carefully planned rig that was on budget.

The same day A-Cold-Wall’s team and industry influencers were able to use the video footage on their website and social channels to ensure the collection landed with maximum impact.

Karma have worked with Calvin Klein, Coach, Alexander Wang, Addidas, Puma/Fenty x Rhianna amongst others, and are regular suppliers for Paris, London and New York fashion weeks. Call us to plan your next runway or fashion event

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