What To Expect From Social Media In 2019….Maybe

Well where to begin, 2018 has been quite a year in social media, we have had Facebook face the wrath of global governments, there have been numerous bot purges on Twitter and there has been a platform that has steamrolled its competition. Needless to say it has been an action packed year and 2019 is shaping up to be no different, below is just a few things to look out for across the social media world.

First things first lets start with everyones favourite video sharing website Youtube. Still going strong after all these years but it is predicted that in 2019 there will be increase in regular longform content on Youtube. The platform is well known for its short form videos but it is believed that next year there will be a conscious effort to create longer videos, whilst this is already taking place it will be more common in 2019.

Moving on to Twitter and the platform has seen its share of controversy over 2018 resulting in not one but two purges on spam bots and yet it is still finding itself in hot water. There is a theory that Twitter may even get pulled from the App Store due to the the adult content on the platform and if you looks a the Tumblr fiasco this year it does not seem too farfetched to think this might happen. However it is highly likely that Twitter will plug along and its members will just have to remember they will be subject to scrutiny from the Twitter universe with every tweet produced.

Now after the year that Facebook has had with its constant battering from the press and various governments it may come as no surprise that it is predicted there will be a decline in usage particularly in North America. However what has been suggested is that there will be a rise in paid Facebook group memberships so that things can be kept private within the group. With the suggested decline in users it could make Facebook’s content moderation better come the New Year, but much like the above this is all speculation.

Finally moving onto Instagram and one cannot argue 2018 has seen the platform dominate its competitors, particularly eating into Snapchats previous control of the market. The stories feature which had created a huge dent in its competitors will not be the only feature to succeed again in 2019. Instagram has said that it will introduce a stand alone shopping app which will surely be utilised to its full capacity in 2019 resulting in further market domination. Once you add the above as well as the potential for a direct messaging feature then 2019 looks very bright indeed for Instagram. 

So there we go that is just a brief insight into what could happen next year across social media. Whether these predictions come true remains to be seen however if you were to have a flutter at your local Ladbrooks on one of the points raised above the odds on favourite is surely Instagram to grow and dominate further.

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