Project Description

Netflix Iron Fist Launch featuring Twitch Legends ‘Two Angry Gamers’

Two Angry Gamers are rising stars in the Twitch universe. With their characterful beards and loyal following they were the perfect candidates as Zen masters to present a launch event for Netflix new Marvel series ‘Iron Fist’. By giving competing gamers ever increasing handicaps as they played tournament rounds of a game, and advantages being gained through social media Chi given by voting viewers, only the strongest and most Zen player could focus to win the tournament.

With multiple camera sources, VT’s, live interactive graphics and the game system itself contributing to the program, a fairly complex PPU was required. The resulting setup successfully delivered a beautiful program to thousands of interacting viewers, although Chi levels amongst the crew were certainly a little drained after this two hour live broadcast with unpredictable outcomes on live challenges and the tournament.

Watch the whole stream here

Whether you are three global brands combining, Two Angry Gamers streaming, or one zen agency planning, Karma can help you to develop and deliver any idea for your product launch or branded video message.

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