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Gareth Southgate, It’s Coming Home!

The Coaches’ Voice

For the past year or so, Karma crew have been fortunate enough to meet some of the greatest football coaches and film and edit them for The Coaches’ Voice website. The website is run by people dedicated to the inspiration and tactics that the top players and sports organisations in the world rely on to achieve their goals. The source of this is of course The Coaches’ Voice, and what better voice to focus on here than England Manager Gareth Southgate.

The fascinating interviews take in tactics, experience and personal life, the simple look and feel gives you the experience of a one to one coaching session. Sports fans of all kinds should definitely take a look.

Karma have a long association with football having worked on many of the major tournaments for the past two decades. That goes for most major sports in fact.  We are currently working for FIFA in Russia filming and editing their official daily fan focused broadcast for example.

If you have a sports program idea, or want live streamed or broadcast coverage why not get in contact

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