Project Description

Facebook Live Stream for Papa John’s Pizza Launch

We were thrilled to be asked by our friends at Papa John’s to film and live stream the launch of their new “Deep Crust” pizza on Sunday.

Following a successful pre- shoot connectivity test and recce we arrived at Papa John’s HQ in Milton Keynes on Sunday morning to rig the shoot. We provided a Director, two HD Broadcast operators with cameras, a sound supervisor with an audio mixer and a streaming engineer with an encoder. Following the rig, we held a rehearsal of the stream and then went live at 3 pm.

In a fun filled live stream featuring Reev, Beard Meats Food & Food Review UK, we were guided through the process of how the new “Deep Crust” pizza is made, with Beard Meats Food attempting to eat as many slices of the new Deep Crust pizzas as possible, within a half hour period.

Throughout the live stream, our two cameras fed our vision mixer where a Director switched between shots with a sound supervisor remixing the audio to broadcast levels. This created a broadcast quality production which was then handed onto our streaming engineer who utilized a streaming encoder to get the mixed video and audio feeds to the Papa Johns Facebook page.

Results wise the stream was a big success, with over 11,000 views, 245 reactions, 96 shares and a number of lucky Facebook Live viewers who won free pizza by guessing the correct amount of slices Beard Meats Food could devour in the half hour time frame.

Another successful live stream and we even got to sample the Deep Crust pizza after the shoot!


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