New YouTube Swiping Feature Revealed

Over the last week or so there has been a new YouTube feature revealed, the video sharing platform, in a bid to keep fresh, has rolled out a feature which could potentially lead to a significant increase in binge watching content on the platform.

It may seem like a little thing but the new YouTube feature has been released on iOS which enables its users to swipe left to play the next video and swiping right allows to you go back to the video you have previously been watching. This replaces the current system where you have to minimise the current video whilst wanting to move on to the next one and scrolling down for the content. This new update is certainly going to increase binge watching videos on YouTube purely because of the ease of moving onto the next video, so do not expect commuters to be any more sociable on the tube and expect a massive increase in neck injuries as people are buried in their phones for longer.

The new feature is currently only for iOS, is very much following suit with the rest of the industry as it moves to swipeable stories format, nevertheless it is a significant technical shift for the app. YouTube have also stated that with the new feature not only can you swipe forward to the next video or back to the previous video but you can also have a sneak peak of videos by partially swiping whilst still listening to the current videos audio. A very useful tool which YouTube has added as well is when you skip back to the previous video it will continue from the point which you left it. 

This shift towards a more stories based format is more evidence of the changing tide of social media. Users in the past were more than happy to scroll down for content however app behaviours are constantly changing and swiping functionalities are the preferred way to get content across. With Facebook, Instagram and now YouTube all with these similar features you can be sure that the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn and others will be following suit.

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