New Features for Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook – Social Media Roundup

There has been plenty of updates over the last week or so across the social media world, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram have all released new features to enhance their respective platforms as well as make the user experience easier. 

Facebook has implemented a new update which will benefit social media marketers as they are allowing pages to join groups. This feature could be another way for businesses to generate exposure and promote their product amongst relevant Facebook communities. The new update is nothing ground breaking however it allows these pages to join pre existing groups as previously pages were only able to start Facebook groups. 

Twitter over the course of last week has introduced a feature which will allow its users to revert back to a chronological timeline removing the current algorithm interference. On many an occasion users, including myself, are greeted at the top of their timeline with a tweet which was posted hours ago when they would much rather view the most recent tweets. Well for those Twitter members your prayers have been answered as you can now opt out of the algorithm feature and view your timeline knowing you will be reading the most recent tweets. 

Snapchat has revealed their new feature which shows off its new Amazon eCommerce integration which is essentially means you are able to shop within the app. Snapchat joins the long list of social apps which have introduced the feature and it is all very simple as to how the feature is used. The new feature will be a way for users to search for products on Amazon straight from the Snapchat camera, all the user needs to do is point the camera at a particular product or barcode, press and hold on the camera to initiate the feature. 

Instagram is testing a new feature which enables its members to add hashtags into a separate section on their posts which is outside of the main caption. With this new feature being tested it does not appear that there is a limit on how many tags one can add, although it is expected there will be a limit much like the current 30 tags per post. As the above is still in its test phase it has not been fully implemented but it would not be daft to think the feature will be introduced in its full capacity in the near future.

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