New Feature for Facebook App on Mobiles

Facebook’s new feature is being rolled out by the social network giant and it has more than an air of familiarity about it. This is the launch of “Stories” onto Facebook’s flagship app.

The company has already launched the Snapchat-style feature over its various other applications, with Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger all having similar additions made to them over the last year but this new update is going to change the way the mobile application works completely.

The feature, which was tested in Ireland and is rolling out globally as of today, will shake up the visual design and functionality of the news feed entirely. At the top of the news feed rather than seeing the usual status, picture or video updates from friends or pages you like you will be greeted with lines of circles with your friends faces on them. The feature will function in exactly the same way as Instagram’s stories, the feature which has taken the app by storm and reportedly now has the same amount of users as the whole of Snapchat.

This shows a rapid change in the way Facebook envisage their new feed working allowing instant-almost real time updates. It also completes their cycle of putting the feature out over their major apps.

Similar to Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp the post will expire after a period of 24 hours. This will permit people to post photos and videos to all of a persons friends. To add to your story click on your own face in the stories bar and follow the instructions.

Another cool update from Facebook as they continue their pursuit of making Facebook the home of all things video and interactive.

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