Genesis 2018 Blockchain Conference

Live Conference Stream – Genesis London 2018

Multi Camera Live Conference Stream

From 32 Floors up you can see the future, but you might not understand it! Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are technology that everyone from bedroom nerds to global politicians are talking about. We were excited to be asked to film and live stream the Genesis London 2018 conference from city point Binary District, who are a leading collaborative technology community driving development and conversation needed to establish Cryptocurrencies and other transaction Blockchain processes as a mainstream technology.

With a small efficient crew we supplied a PPU and director for multi camera coverage, with integrated speaker presentations and a streaming engineer  managing social media and cdn live stream distribution. The three streamed sessions of the day are an important record of some of the leading minds in Blockchain development presenting the challenges and goals of this young but fast growing industry. Whilst much of the days content went over our heads, we know how important the engagement of non present attendees is to reaching the target audience and marketing for future conference events.

Whatever your content or live event location, we can expand the audience of your conference with an engaging live conference stream to as many social platforms as you need or to your own secure website. We can also offer social media moderation tools to give presenters live questions seamlessly and integrate or supply AV elements and live graphics.

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