Monthly Active User Statistics Across Social Media

Statistics for Monthly Active Users or MAUs on social media platforms have been revealed and it may be no surprise that Facebook is dominating its competitors despite the controversy surrounding the giant earlier this year. On a monthly basis the daddy of social media has 2,196,000,000 users and whilst it seems that other platforms are beginning to reach their plateau in terms of users it appears Facebook is bucking the trend and is continuing to see growth, Facebook messenger itself see’s well over 1.25 billion users and shows no sign of slowing down.

It seems that everything Facebook has acquired is performing and is slowly ousting its competitors from the market. Instagram which is still seen as the adolescent of the social media world has over 1 billion MAUs and is accountable for one third of Facebook’s revenue and with consistent updates released it seems every week it shows no signs of slowing down. It has also led to the decline of Snapchat which has a mere 250 million monthly users and in Q2 of this year saw a decline in users for the first time. WhatsApp which was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion has over 1.5 billion MAUs and is by far and away the most popular viral mobile apps eclipsing other messaging apps such as Line which although popular in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand still has a mere 200 million MAUs.

Moving away from Facebook, Youtube is now the second most used social platform in terms of monthly active users with nearly 2 billion. Whilst some might say the platform is not a social network it still bears a lot of the traits of one with followers, comments, feeds and influencers. The video platform is by far and away Google’s most successful inroad into social media. Finally LinkedIn is again proving to be the worlds most successful “professional network” with close to 300 million users per month and it goes quietly about its business dominating that particular area of the market.

So as we can see it is more of the same from Facebook and their stranglehold on the social media world continues. There is little evidence of Facebook or its subsidiaries slowing down and one would expect to see these figure’s rise by the end of 2018 and into the early part of next year. 

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