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Branded apps and games are an exciting way to deliver greater engagement, brand loyalty and cross platform customer acquisition. And, they’re a whole lot of fun.
At Karma Games, we develop games and apps for brands, broadcasters and agencies and specialise in hyper casual, puzzle, word and number games, as well as second screen interactive applications.and content.

Mobile games production 

 and branded partner apps for your campaign.

Download some example game types that can be rebranded by our developers.

Pattern Match

A pattern match game against the clock that gets your brain working. Simply find the pattern inside an ever-growing grid of patterns. Just keep going for as long as you can as the grid gets bigger and the timer ticks down.

Word Slide

A quickfire word search puzzle that’s perfect for long, boring commutes. Simply slide the letter into the correct position to solve themed puzzles and compete the grid. Hints help you crack the toughest puzzles and loyal players are rewarded with daily hint giveaways. Over 200 puzzles to play.

Word Cluster

A themed anagram game with hundreds of jumbled words to solve. Simply swap letters around until you solve the anagram. Hints help you solve the trickiest words and extra hint packs can be bought as you make your way through the 200 levels. Just make sure you finish the puzzle before the timer finishes you.


A challenging maths puzzle designed to help you train your brain. Simply slide numbers into the grid so each row and column adds up to the given total. Some numbers may already be locked into position to give you a helping hand. Hints help you solve troublesome puzzles and the levels get harder as you improve. Nearly 1000 levels to complete.

Featured client

Netflix Iron Fist Launch Stream

Two Angry Gamers are stars in the Twitch universe. With their characterful beards and loyal following they were the perfect candidates as Zen masters to present a launch event for the Netflix Marvel series ‘Iron Fist’. By giving competing gamers ever increasing handicaps as they played tournament rounds of a game, and advantages being gained through social media Chi given by voting viewers, only the strongest and most Zen player could focus to win the tournament.

With multiple camera sources, VT, live interactive graphics and the game system itself contributing to the program, a fairly complex PPU was required. The resulting setup successfully delivered a beautiful program to thousands of interacting viewers, although Chi levels among the crew were certainly a little drained after this two hour live broadcast with unpredictable live outcomes!

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