Live sports could be key to the live streaming battle

It has been reported today that Facebook has gone into direct competition with Twitter, Amazon and YouTube by focusing on showing live sports through there platform, in this case submitting a bid to show Thursday Night NFL Games.

In 2016 Twitter won the rights and signed a $10 million deal to live stream ten NFL Games to their platform. A move showed a continuation of Twitters strategy of purchasing live sports coverage. Viewer numbers of Twitter’s NFL coverage fluctuated between 2.1 million and 3.1 million views per game. Twitter also struck a deal earlier this year bringing PGA to the platform, broadcasting 70 hours of tournaments to the platform culminating in the end of the season Tour Championship.

However, having won the rights for this Twitter’s subscriber base and revenue in 2016 suggests that it didn’t make any significant gains due to these sports rights. In Facebooks case there are a number of reasons which suggests the result could be different. Firstly, Facebook has a much larger audience, the social network has in excess of 1.9 billion monthly users and 1.2 billion active daily users, dwarfing Twitter’s 320 million motherly users. Secondly. Engagement with Sports is already extremely high on Facebook, with a report from The Wall Street Journal suggesting that 35% of Facebooks 1.9 billion users follow a sports page, indicating that there is a big demand for sports on the site.

Furthermore, this could put Facebook in good stead to convince the NFL and other major sports leagues and companies that their platform is the best to broadcast sports through, as it promises much higher returns then Twitter can deliver. The social network giants enormous volume of users and deep level of engagement also makes it possible for the company to gain more revenue from offering live sports.

We already know that Facebook are keen to put Video at the heart of everything they do and it would seem that Facebook are really pushing to gain live sports rights to help gain a larger share of video advertising funds.

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