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Live 360 video streaming is the immersive way to share your events on social video platforms and VR headsets. Karma’s multi-camera live 360 video streaming crew can stream 4K, stereoscopic 360 video with live stitching and graphics and record up to 8K production video

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Live 360 Video Streaming Services

Live 360 Video Streaming 4K Example

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On Tuesday the 17th of May Karma were asked by our partners at Facebook to help them live stream 360 coverage of the Norwegian Constitution Day 2017 celebrations from three separate locations across the country. This project was in partnership with Norway’s national broadcaster TV2.

With two weeks notice we pre-planned and co-ordinated the shoot from our London HQ at Twickenham Studios. We then sent three separate teams to Norway. The three locations were Oslo, Ålesund and Bergen, all of which presented unique challenges to the Karma team including awkward rigging and no internet! It is estimated one fifth of Norways population viewed the stream!

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360 Video Planning

 Planning a 360 video shoot requires all of the typical production considerations alongside a whole set of new challenges. If you are looking to stream a live event with 360 video a single fixed rig will provide your viewers with a highly engaging, immersive experience.

If you have scripted or directed action, multiple 360 video rigs is a great way of ensuring that the full production requirements are fulfilled. In this instance we can offer live 360 video portable production units, which can handle camera stitching, vision mixing and audio from multiple sources.

Read more about 360 video platforms below.

360 Video Platforms

You can view 360 video on phones, tablets, laptops and headsets. Content can be delivered to a number of platforms with Facebook, YouTube and Periscope all prioritizing live 360 video above all other content.


As with all streaming and content delivery there are many sites and apps with different audiences to reach. We offer 360 live to all of these major platforms and our own white label player and moderation tools. We are happy to advise on the appropriate platform for you to be able to maximise your reach, engagement and impressions.  Get in contact today!


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