WhatsApp Is Ten Years Old 

It is WhatsApp’s ten year anniversary and it is fair to say they have come quite a way since its inception. The platform now has 1.5 billion users and has the honour of being the most widely used messaging platform in the world.

The Facebook owned app has proved to be a triumph in Europe, Russia, Africa and South America albeit Facebook Messenger still rules the roost in North America, baring in mind it is owned by its sister company, Facebook really have a dominant presence across the world. It has not been smooth sailing for the messaging app, WhatsApp’s founder Jan Koum left the company last year as he never saw eye to eye with Facebook regarding the apps lack of advertising and business opportunities available.  Facebook for the moment has kept the majority of WhatsApp’s key features whilst branching out into the broader business world. 

At the beginning of last year WhatsApp launched its first version of the WhatsApp business app and the basis of this is to provide business users with greater possibility and scope to interact with customers. Not only this but WhatsApp have just started to experiment with its first advertisement units including within WhatsApp Status which is its own variation of stories. It must be said that this has not been too fruitful for Messenger as Facebook has tried to do the same, but it makes sense to do so baring in mind the scale of their user base, it is just a case of finding the best way to do so. Whilst some of its users naturally will be frustrated that Facebook are trying to intrude on WhatsApp’s private messaging space, you cannot argue that the app has come on leaps and bounds from its basic SMS replacement. 

There is quite the possibility that there could be a massive shift in the messaging landscape and how it can be used to connect our online and offline activities, but particularly in Facebook’s case there is always the concern of privacy issues. This however intern leaves ads as they key way of monetising the app. Are WhatsApp going to introduce more compelling considerations for brands and business? You would be foolish to think not particularly if they want to dominate the messaging world for another 10 years and beyond. 

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