Instagram Introducing Two New Updates

Instagram have introduced a couple of new updates over the last week or so to boost content discovery as well as account transparency. In a bid for users to get the most out of the platform they have introduced a new content discovery process by which once the user has viewed all of the respective posts from their feed they will receive a “Recommended For You” message where you would be able to view past posts and scroll for any other recommendations based on the pages one is following.

The new update has however drew some criticism as over a month ago Instagram implemented the “All Caught Up” feature which was meant to curb the amount of time users spent on the platform. The introduction of the new recommendation feature seems to directly contradict its predecessor as it will inevitably cause users to spend more time on Instagram, commuters on the Tube will not be coming more sociable any time soon. Nevertheless on a more cheerful note the update will provide more engagement as it will be selective on what its members will be able to view and not have to wade through the spam which both Instagram and Facebook have been known to promote.

The second new update is to help increase account transparency. It will be introducing a number of tools which will help members decipher exactly who is behind the influential accounts. The new feature will provide information on when these accounts joined, the country that the account is located, accounts that have shared followers and if there have been any username changes over the last year. The new tool is due to come into effect at the end of September and those who are lucky enough to have a large following will receive a message from Instagram explaining what information your profile will provide. 

Along with the updates to these influential accounts Instagram will be following in the same shoes as Twitter as users can apply for their profile to be verified, which thus far has been up to the discretion of Instagram itself. Although this may allow more users to receive the coveted blue check mark you will still have to meet all the criteria that Instagram already has in place.

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