Instagram Highlights Tips For Social Media Marketing  

Instagram Highlights was introduced at the end of 2017 and it was the new feature which helped the app surge ahead of its competitors in particular the previous market leader Snapchat. Instagram Highlights was a game changer, whilst Snapchat introduced the now widely used stories feature, Highlights provides a way to organise those stories on the relative profile. It has been just over a year since the feature hit the ever popular app and a report has been released to ‘highlight’ the most effective way of utilising the feature.

The first of these tips which is particularly aimed at brands is to ’Story’ any new product launches. The idea behind this is that the Highlight feature helps keep the brands content updated and fresh. This tip is under the assumption that the brand is already posting new products to their Instagram Story, if this is the case then all that is required to preserve the content past the 24 hour mark is a few clicks to form a Highlight reel. 

The second of these tips is regarding FAQs, one would hope that a successful brand would have a plethora of DMs in their inbox every day. Now to try and answer all of would be somewhat laborious and time consuming, what the Instagram Highlight feature has is the ability to set up a Highlight dedicated to these FAQs. This would not only assist in saving time answering every individual question but is would be a platform to refer any existing clients who have the same question. If at any point you receive the same question from your followers just add it to your Story and add it to the FAQ Highlight. 

Another tip which has been suggested is to introduce a degree of intimacy, perhaps creating a ‘backstage’ Highlight to the inner workings of your brand. If a brand were to show the inner workings of the office or the brands culture as a whole then an intimate look could help provide a greater insight to your followers. This intern could increase the authenticity of your particular brand, having said this, best not post any Christmas party antics to the ‘Behind the scenes’ Highlight just in case.

Last but not at all least it is worthwhile creating a Highlight based on brands favourite reviews which show your brand off in the greatest light. Wherever there is a particularly flattering review whether it is Facebook or elsewhere it would be beneficial to screenshot it to your story and add a ‘Favourite Reviews’ Highlight. This is very much good way building your brands credibility hopefully resulting in further trade.

So there we have it if you are able to master the above then you are well on your way to promoting your brand and creating a grander presence on the social media stage. 

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