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Instagram Clamping Down On Fake Members

It seems every week there is a social media article on platforms purging its fake users, something that Twitter has conducted twice in 2018, well it appears Instagram is taking a leaf out of their competitors book by doing exactly the same and clamping down on these undesirables. The days of fraudulently faking the way to Instagram fame are numbered as the platform is launching its very own purge in a bid to eliminate artificial followers and their subsequent likes gained via the use of third party tools.

Instagram’s move to rid the platform of these spam users could be a major blow to some of their prominent users. It may come as to a surprise to nobody that these fake followers are not exactly used sparingly across social media with many users seeing their number of followers as a status symbol and as a measure of popularity. From a PR point of view, they obviously would like their clients to boast a larger of number of followers than their competitors, rumours along the lines of agencies refusing to hire clients unless they meet a certain threshold of followers are rife. As a result of this vanity there has been a surge in fake accounts and when you add influencer marketing into the pot, where users can earn money based on their audience size, it is not difficult to see why these fake accounts have become so popular and widespread. 

The popularity of these fake accounts is such that you are able to purchase them off the internet, it is a sad state of affairs but alas this is where we have got to. Instagram mentions that these services use members accounts, adding fuel to the fire, by liking and following other accounts on their behalf. Whilst some of these services have been shut down there are many that still remain and if Instagram want to rid these tools from their platform then they will have quite a task ahead of them. 

The clampdown which is soon to come into effect is an imperative move for Instagram given the rise of influencer marketing. Facebook which is of course the parent company for Instagram has been working hard in making their influencer marketing more transparent. Both platforms know that they need to work harder to ensure that businesses are generating truthful results from their investments otherwise they have the issue of losing credibility, which without stating the obvious, is bad for business. 

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