Google is currently making its Google Cardboard virtual reality headgear accessible in the United Kingdom. Formerly Google Cardboard was only obtainable in the United States, but the no-frills headpiece which allows users to utilize their telephone as a VR headset, will now be launched in the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany. The cardboard headset will retail for just £15 and will be purchasable from the Google Shop. The great news is you can fully customize the design for brands, or sponsors. This is great for live 360 VR events or as part of a wider campaign involving static hosted VR video.

It is made up of a pair of lenses with a 40mm focal length, corrugated cardboard, two magnets to act as some velcro strips, hardware buttons, and a 8cm rubber band to hold the handpiece. Making the the head wear more broadly accessible will assist Google in raising awareness of VR and 360 degree content on YouTube and push forward its VR programs and games from its Android store.
Karma are excited at the possibilities accessible, affordable, easily set up 360 VR live streaming, gaming and static video gives to everyone !