Facebook Clamping Down On Fake Followers

Fake followers has been a blight on Instagram as well as Twitter, both platforms have taken the necessary steps to remove these bots or fake followers and now it is Facebook turn to do so, this time not just removing them but taking legal action.

Influencer marketing is obviously becoming big business across social platforms and the likes of Facebook and Instagram are coming under increasing pressure to verify their audience members and that they are actually real people and not fake followers. As you can imagine this is not good news for these fake sellers, a recent precedent setting case in New York rules that selling fake followers on social media is essentially illegal. The target for this specific case was called Devumi who insistently have now gone out of business, Facebook now have announced they will be taking legal action against a number of similar suppliers of these fake followers.

This is quite a milestone in the social media world as both Facebook & Twitter have both banned these fake followers and bots but never taken legal action until now. Now that the New York Attorney General has found these actions as illegal, Facebook amongst others have can now actively pursue these providers. Baring in mind you can type buy followers in Google and get numerous results Facebook & Co will not be requiring Sherlock Holmes to find them. 

Facebook themselves have only made a brief announcement on the issue but the implications of any findings could be a game changer. If you are guilty of selling fake followers, batten down the hatches its going to be a bumpy ride.

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