Facebook Spaces VR Experience Gets Avatar Upgrade

If you haven’t tried VR yet, then Facebook Spaces is a fun place to start. It allows you to hang out as an Avatar in a shared world with other users and works with a variety of VR headsets. The app has been around for a long time despite currently being in beta to allow for development, offers many fun features such as three dimensional painting and sharing of real world photos. This week however the Avatar building system has been overhauled to give thousands of adjustable combinations with higher definition graphics.

VR isn’t quite at Ready Player One levels yet, but it is becoming more and more accessible in the home and key to it’s development is integration with our daily social apps and websites. With professional and entertainment VR use taking advantage of free roaming backpack style rigs in warehouse size spaces there are no limitations to the wider applications for the technology or limits to the fun you can have. We really recommend trying it out!

Karma shoot 360 video for VR style brand films and live performances. We also stream multi camera 360 video live in 4K with ambisonic sound for the most engaging experience.