Facebook Posting Practices To Look Out For In 2019

Optimum Facebook posting practices have been revealed for the year and it is very useful to see the best way of getting your content out there with maximum engagement. Whilst there may be some aspects which are obvious but the information provided below may just make the difference to your next Facebook post.

To kick things off it has been noted that video content is by far and away the best performing type of post. If you want to achieve the greatest engagement then video Is the way to go. Mark Zuckerberg back in 2014 had commented that the platform will be predominately video based in the next 5 years, stick your calculators away, that means it is 2019. The next most popular form of engagement is by posting a question and that has less than half the amount of engagement than video format, so evidently Mr Zuckerberg is not far off in his prediction and this is only set to increase as we head further into the year. When you are posting a video though to maximise engagement it is crucial to keep your content to a manageable length. Facebook has said that anywhere between three and three and a half minutes is best, anything longer viewers lose interest and go off looking for cat videos or a photo of what their friend is having for dinner and any shorter you have not managed to get the point of your content across. Video wise these are all things to bare in mind.

Moving on to where and when is the best time to post and  the evening on the weekend is the best time for maximum engagements, with Sunday at 8pm or 9pm being when activity peaks. Whilst these viewers are probably lying on the sofa recovering from the night before they are scouring Facebook to find some content to take their mind of the previous nights events, we’ve all done it. Nevertheless the reasoning why this is a perfect time for content to be posted is that as it is very much out of work hours there is less competition in feeds. Now it must be said this does not apply to every page however if you are new to posting on Facebook this is the best place to start. 

The above are not the definitive way of maximising engagement but they are certainly a good indicator of trends on Facebook. What you can take from the information above is that video is likely to reign supreme this year and when combined with other social platforms can prove to be very profitable indeed, when done correctly.

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