When Twitter bought Periscope, Mark Zuckerberg responded with a new service: Facebook Live Video.

After a trial period, just for public profiles, the service has been extended to Groups and Events pages. If you’re part of a group, the live streaming will be shared just between the members. That way, you can share a live transmission with your family or friends.

In terms of events, the Live Video service provides an alternative experience to people who cannot see the shows in person, giving them the opportunity to not miss the event. The service allows people to be part of big world events – for example, happening next week, for the premiere of Game of Thrones, one of the most famous TV series in the world.
Soon, Facebook will introduce five new filters to personalize live streaming videos and you will be able to scribble on them in real time!  It will make videos fully interactive and it seems this will lead to a bigger participation from users, who on average comment on live streams ten times more than videos on demand.