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Facebook’s New Premiere Feature & More

Facebook have announced they are launching a premiere feature on the platform which will allow users to upload pre-recorded videos globally. This feature which initially came into fruition in April for the lucky few has any expanded and can be used by everyone of its members. This essentially means that the days of the pre-existing playout “as live” becomes redundant. The live logo in the top left hand of the screen will be replaced by the word “premiere” any prerecorded programs will no longer trick the audience into thinking the event is live. Facebook has worked hard over the last few months in clamping down of the previous “as live” posts so making the premiere feature available for one and all is the tool to do so albeit nothing actually changes on how you schedule the post.

As well as the new premiere feature Facebook is rolling out the ability for videos to have polls on them to a wider audience as well. Earlier on in the year polling for videos was available to the select few in a bid to let audiences to shape the direction of the videos. In the same vain as the premiere feature it has become available to all pages through the live API and publishing tool and will soon be available for on demand videos.

Finally Facebook is expanding its ‘top fans’ program which is used to identify yours most loyal and engaged video members during the various broadcasts with digital badges. This helps the page prioritise interacting with these ‘top fans’ in a bid to further build the community, this feature will be available to any page which has over 10,000, followers. Recent studies have suggested that due to the rise of live streaming there has been a six fold increase in engagement and this is hardly surprising as viewers are able to like certain moments in real time as well as comment on specific live aspects of the video. 

These updates mentioned above are very much a big step for Facebook to increase engagement to grow the platforms communities but for these new features to make a difference the content, as always, is king.

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