£114,000,000 Live Stream

Christie’s Auctions are always available online for bidding, however sometimes the sale attracts so much attention due to notable works on offer, that there is a global interest beyond the bidders. A live stream of the auction and subsequent press conference to Facebook and embedded on their global website gave art lovers and the media a chance to experience the buzz of a big ticket sale.

The Impressionists and Modert art Evening sale on the 27th February had a number of Picasso works for sale among it’s 92 lots, most notably the Mousquetaire et nu assis (1967) which sold for over £13,000,000 on the night. Both rooms were full of potential bidders flanked by telephone buyers and the live stream contributed almost 20,000 views on the night from across the globe. The total sales for the auction were £114,000,000, which considering the backdrop of terrible weather supplied by the artfully named “Beast from the East” was very impressive.

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