What will a 5G Network do for Live Streaming?

Connectivity is about to enter a new era for both mobile networks and all connected devices. It finally seems that device capability on the go has overtaken connectivity speeds, and the industry needs to respond. Consumers will call it 5G, but the professional market hasn’t quite decided as it likes to over complicate things, and until the standards are agreed the interim descriptor, 4G LTE-Advanced looks much better on a brochure specification.

For live streaming a 5G network will have a massive impact. We currently limit the quality of video we stream because of the end user experience and network conditions, but there is a thirst for higher quality on demand and live streaming video, with the 4K and VR badges being applied liberally to devices at every opportunity. 5G has theoretical speeds of up to 10Gbps and would allow for the highest quality production video to be delivered, let alone compressed streams, of course assuming the device at the other end can process it. For example Qualcomms Snapdragon X20 modem, which will be one of the first included in devices to offer 5G connectivity to consumers, is currently clocking download speeds of 1.2Gbps, which equates to downloading an hour of on demand HD TV in a few seconds.

There is therefore a huge amount of room for technology growth, but more importantly it means from day one, Karma as a live streaming company will be capable of streaming at much higher quality across 5G networks because the end users will be able to receive it without fear a bad user experience.

It is exciting times for live streaming, and if you have a 4K, high quality or VR stream that you wish to broadcast today we can already help, and we will always guide you for the best end user experience.

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