Short form videos YouTube is now averaging over 30 billion daily views, you heard it right, 30 billion. This is a significant increase from the 5 trillion all-time Shorts views that YouTube reported back in February, which underlines the rising popularity of short-form content, and why every platform is now making it a focus.

Ads for Shorts will provide another monetisation pathway for the option, a key consideration for YouTube, because while more people watching more Shorts content is good, overall, for the app, more time spent in Shorts also means less time spent with its other, monied video clips. Google also noted this in its earnings call, saying that it was ’experiencing a slight headwind to revenue growth’ as viewership grows as a percentage of total YouTube time.

So really, YouTube has to monetise it’s short form, and fast, in order to dilute its impact on overall earnings, while it also needs to establish new pathways for Shorts creators to maximise their earnings potential, and you can’t directly monetise short-form video clips with mid and pre-roll ads.

Shorts can act as a supplementary promotional channel for your main YouTube feed, where you can make real money – and with that as a lure, and with views rising so quickly, YouTube stands as the biggest challenge to TikTok’s ongoing dominance in the space, even if it does seem that, right now, TikTok is almost too big to fail at this stage of the game.

But it could – while Google also notes that:

“Over 40% of creators who received payment from the Shorts Fund in 2021 weren’t in the YouTube Partner Program.”

That’s a huge amount of new voices that are now being paid by YouTube for their content, and if YouTube can establish a clearer pathway to getting more of them paid, more often, that will inevitably lead to them sticking with YouTube as their key platform of choice.

So if social media video production is something you may be interested in then it may be time to jump on the bandwagon.