Elon Musk seems hellbent on shaking things up at Twitter as their prime shareholder, which could set the platform on a course for internal angst and user disruption as Twitter’s various chief try to find ways to placate the latest member of their board.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week you will be aware that Elon Musk bought up a 9% stake in Twitter late last week. Twitter quickly appointed Musk to its board, amid concerns that he could look to buy-up even more shares, and take a controlling interest in the company.

Elon has wasted no time in making provocative claims and assertions ahead of his first AMA with Twitter staff next week. In a late night flurry of tweets on Saturday night, Musk noted that:

– Twitter’s most popular accounts, based on follower numbers, are not very active, which prompted the question – ‘is Twitter dying?’
– He thinks that Twitter Blue subscribers should get an authentication checkmark, though that should be a different variation to the current blue checkmark for verified users. Musk also says that Blue subscribers should not see ads.
– He questioned whether Twitter’s flagship San Francisco home base should be converted into a homeless shelter, ‘since no one shows up anyway’.
– He noted that the prevalence of bots, particularly ‘crypto scam’ accounts, is skewing Twitter’s active user numbers.

All of this comes after Elon Musk shared a poll earlier in the week, in which he asked if Twitter users want an edit button, which more than 4.4 million people responded to (74% in favour). Twitter then noted that it is, in fact, working on an edit button, and has been for some time, but Elon Musk’s poll once again underlined the public pressure that he could put on the company, which he can also now use to back-up his views and opinions in Twitter’s board meetings.

All of the above has happened in less than a week so it will be fascinating to see what happens over the coming weeks/months, can he drag Twitter out of the doldrums back to the powerhouse it used to be?