Live stream guests, new notifiers for when a channel is broadcasting in the app and updated viewing options have all been previewed by YouTube this week in relation to their live streams.

Firstly with regards to ‘Live Guests’ which is similar to other live options, YouTube will soon launch a pilot of what it’s calling ‘Go Live Together’, which will enable creators to invite a guest to their live stream by simply sending a link.

As explained by YouTube:

“The host creator will be able to create a live stream, invite and screen their guests before going live to their viewers. Note that the guest channel and user information will remain hidden during the live stream.”

The hosts of the live stream will also be able to see streaming analytics, live other live streams, but guests will not have access to this data, at least for the moment. This additional capacity to go live with a guest can reduce the pressure on a solo creator. For those going live, perhaps for the first time, when it’s just you talking to your camera it can be intimidating. Adding the capacity to invite others will help to get more people streaming, which intern could then lead to more creators monetising their content through YouTube’s evolving ad tools.

YouTube’s also looking to add a new feature called ‘cross channel live redirects’.

“Today, creators with at least a thousand subscribers can use a feature called live redirect to direct their viewers from a live stream or premier to another livestream or premier on their own channel. But they can’t send their viewers to a livestream or premier hosted on another channel. With this launch, creators with at least a thousand subscribers and no active community guidelines strikes will be able to direct their viewers to a livestream or premier hosted on a different channel.”

This addition adds more capacity for collaborative promotion in the app, and could become a valuable tool for influencer partnerships.

So plenty to look forward to coming up at YouTube.