A new moderator option has been added to Instagram live streams which adds more capacity to manage your live broadcasts in the app by enabling users to assign a moderator within a stream.

Instagram streamers will now be able to assign a moderator, giving the mod the capacity to report comments, remove viewers from a stream and turn off comments for a specific viewer. The option will provide another means to control the flow of content within a stream and address concerns with inappropriate behaviour during Instagram Live sessions, as let’s face it there is always one.

Like all live-streaming options there has been a fair share of concerning/worrying incidents. One particularly well known case of live stream harassment on Instagram saw Pakistani actress Hania Amir left in tears after she was sexually harassed during an IG Live session.

Live stream moderation is inherently challenging because it’s happening in real time and some use this to their advantage, knowing that they can get away with harassing, harmful and offensive behaviour, especially on larger streams.

The addition of live mods, which Instagram has been developing over the past few months, will help, and should provide some additional security for IG Live streams, while also making it easier to manage your broadcasts. TikTok added the same option in July last year and it has become an incredibly useful feature so wisely Instagram have decided to follow suit.

Creators can add a moderator via the menu icon on the comment bar. Within this, you can search for a specific user, or choose a user from a list suggested by Instagram.

So a warning to any trolls out there, it will not be long before you will be ejected from any live streams which intern would lead you to being blocked from particular accounts.